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Common Questions

The nature of our practice is unique. The simplicity and transparency of how we do things often takes people by surprise, and in our world of insurance deductibles, skyrocketing health care costs, and increasingly complex rules and regulations surrounding health care, our simple approach raises some common questions which we will answer here.
"How much is the first visit?"

Your first visit to our office includes a consultation, examination, and a customized treatment plan. 

If you do have insurance, bring a copy of your insurance card for us to copy and simply pay your co-payment for the first visit. We currently do not accept Mass Health or Medicare.

During the initial examination, we may determine that x-rays may be necessary.  There are several options that will be presented if they are necessary.  Everything will be explained before any procedures are performed. 

"Can I use my Health Savings Account/FLEX Spending Card?"

Yes. We accept all HSA and FLEX spending plans. HSA/FLEX cards differ from traditional insurance in that they put the power back in YOUR hands; not in some bureaucrat's halfway across the country. Most HSA/FLEX plans require you to send them an itemized statement, which we are happy to provide on request.